4 Top Tips for Creating the lllusion of a Bigger Business

The world is seeing more small businesses flourishing and growing than ever before. So whilst being a small business owner carries a lot of gravitas these days, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to try and appear like a slightly bigger operation that you actually are. Whilst being a small business offers many advantages, giving the illusion of being a bigger company can also offer many different advantages too. So if this is something that you’ve been considering for a while but are not sure where to start, read on for our tips on how to convincingly make your company look bigger than it actually is.

Creating the lllusion of a Bigger Business

Work On Your Brand

Branding is everything when it comes to the reputation and image of a company. If you want to make your company look corporate and professional then you start creating this profile through your branding. If you want your company to look supportive, helpful and approachable then you try to communicate these values through your branding. This also applies to the size and breadth of your company. If you are wanting to present your company as a bigger operation than it is then you have the opportunity to do this through your branding. So spend time going through creative branding ideas that will help you to present your company on a larger scale.

Adapt Your Website

If you are wanting to change the impression that your company gives off, another important initial step is looking to your website. Perhaps you haven’t spent much time on your website since the initial launch of your business so any change in direction or business growth is definitely going to need to be reflected on your website. You may be a small business but there is absolutely no reason why your website shouldn’t make a big impression.

What Does Your Name Say About You

Completely changing a business name is rarely a good idea. However if you started your company by promoting yourself as a sole trader or an independent freelancer then you are going to need to rethink how you are promoting yourself. Although any brand names should never be completely changed you will certainly want to omit any words that suggest that you are a ‘one-person-team’.

Virtual Receptionist

Of course we all like to feel in control of all our incoming enquiries. However if you are wanting to come across as a bigger firm then you may want to consider hiring a virtual receptionist. Taking on a company that offers a phone answering service is a really good way to appear to be a much bigger operation that you are. Not only will they give the impression of a professional and well oiled business but they will also provide support with client relations and customer organisation.

Consider a New Address

The address of your company says a lot about your business. Blatantly obvious home addresses, whilst there is nothing unprofessional about working from home, certainly do not scream ‘big company’. Therefore paying for a PO Box address or a micro office with an impressive city centre address can go a long way in convincing your clients that you are a much bigger operation than you actually are.