5 Secrets For Selling Your House Quickly

When I decide I want to sell my house: I want to do it quickly. You could say that patience isn’t my first name! There is good reason behind my impatience though, I find the whole process of selling a house mega stressful. I am also convinced that the longer a house sits on the market, the less likely the house will sell. We have all seen houses on rightmove that we know have been on there for months and months. It makes me wonder what is wrong with the house. We don’t want that estate agent’s sign in our front garden for months on end. We also don’t want our house being up for sell in the summer when the photos of the house were taken in the winter. The number of houses I see advertised in summer with Christmas trees up in the living room! That is a real giveaway for how long a house has been on the market.

Secrets For Selling Your House Quickly

We want to sell our house super fast! That’s why I am sharing my 5 secret tips so you can do just that!

First Impressions Matter

We judge people within the first 5 minutes of meeting them. The same can be said for our houses. That first impression had better wow our buyers.. You need to give your house kerb appeal. Make sure your front door is clean. Your garden also needs to be tidy.  Hire a gardener if you can’t tell a weed from a flower.

I Don’t Want A Boring House

Magnolia is boring. It does nothing for a house. I want to see colour. You shouldn’t be afraid to use colour. A pop of colour will make the house feel much more attractive. If you are feeling nervous about using colour, look for inspiration. Websites like sashadebretton.com.au will inspire you and show you what great interior design really looks like.

Less Is More

I love filling my house with lots of furniture and objects but I know that my buyers don’t want to see a cluttered house. Seriously decluttering your home will make your house feel bigger. Put all of your clutter into storage.  Also, reduce the number of personal photos you have in your home. You want the buyer to imagine themselves living in your house and they won’t be able to do that if your face is staring at them from a dozen photo frames!

Let There Be Light!

A buyer wants a light and bright home. The pops of colour I mentioned earlier will help. Lots of natural light will also help make a home feel bigger. Think about adding some well placed lamps. Ikea has a great range of reasonably priced lamps.

Sell Your Lifestyle And You Will Sell Your Home!

You aren’t just selling bricks and mortar. You are selling your buyers a dream: you are selling them a lifestyle. You need to add a few subtle finishes to your home. A bottle of champagne in your kitchen, an Jo Malone candle in the living room and some holiday brochures on your bedside table. These little touches will tell your buyer that they too could be living the dream life!

My top 5 secrets will help you sell your house quickly and you will be in your new dream home in no time!  Do you have a secret for selling your home? Let me know in the comments.