How To Make Serious Money from Your Fitness Center

Whether you own a gym or an all out sports centre, there is some serious money to be made. As people have never been so concerned about health, body image and fitness, owning a successful fitness centre has never been so lucrative. There are some tips, however, in order to get it right, as if done correctly, your gym or sports area can enjoy huge commercial success and enormous financial benefits.

Make Serious Money from Your Fitness Center

People Want Personal Trainer

No gym is complete without a fleet of fully-qualified and inspiring personal trainers. Look at the target market for your gym and then think about the types of trainers you will need to keep your members motivated and on-track. If your target market is a full on, body building clientele then you are going to need personal trainers that these clients will take seriously.

If your core market is middle-aged women then you are going to need personal trainers that adopt a softer and more appropriate way to train and motivate. So really think about the team that you want to build around your gym or fitness center in order to keep your clientele happy and loyal to your center.

Outside Area

Most of the best fitness centres have at least some outdoor space. So if you are looking for a premises then you will want to make sure that you are looking at spaces that offer some outdoor land. If you already own a property with some outdoor space, but you are not sure if you are making the most of the space, then it is time to rethink this area.

You will want to put in time understanding the most popular sports, not just from your existing members, but in the local area. Understanding what sports people want to be involved in, in your area, will mean you can seize the opportunity to cater to those sporting interests.

Depending on the outdoor sports courts and areas you want to create you will want to think about how best to develop the space. You will need to consider hiring chainwire fencing contractors to fence off areas for ball sports and you will need to be looking into the correct surfaces that each different sport warrants. Plan the sports, then plan the area, paying close attention to those all important areas.


The vast majority of women looking to get fit these days prefer to do so through fun and energising exercise classes. Women tend to be less interested in weight machines and running machines and more attracted to classes that keep them fit but through fun and sociable classes. Therefore if you are not already running a diverse range of exercise classes, this is definitely something that you are going to have to change to add value to your business.

It is not just women that are interested in classes, men also will be pulled into new gym memberships with the promise of interesting and unique ways of getting, or staying, fit. So think about the new fashionable classes that appeal to women like pilates, zumba and yoga and also think about the classes that appeal to men, like boxing and circuit training.