Is Your Business Burglar-Proof? Protect Your Business From Burglary

We often take steps to turn our homes into fortresses to keep opportunists at bay, but security is not just an issue for homeowners. If you run a company, and you own premises, it’s essential to ensure that your business is burglar-proof. Businesses are considered lucrative targets for thieves. Many offices, studios, clinics, and warehouses contain expensive equipment in addition to cash. If you’re a business owner, here’s a guide to securing your premises and keeping thieves out.

Business Burglar-Proof

Investing in alarms

Burglar alarms have long been a deterrent to thieves, and today you can get hold of some seriously sophisticated systems. Gone are the days of a basic box on the wall. Now, you can link your system to your phone, internal cameras, and security services. If something or somebody triggers the alarm, you can receive notifications on your phone or alert the police within seconds. If you don’t already have an alarm, now is the time to look around at some different options, and see what works best for your business.

Keeping your valuables safe

If you keep cash on site or you have other valuable items, make sure they are secured safely and concealed from sight. If you run a dental or a medical clinic, for example, all medicines should be stored in locked cupboards overnight. If you manage a retail business, consider using a locked cash tin and placing it in a safe when you leave. If you don’t already have a safe, you can find some tips to learn how to choose the correct safe for your home or business online. Keeping valuables in a safe will increase the chances of you protecting your most prized assets even if there is a break-in.


CCTV cameras are a thief’s worst nightmare. Not only does catching a glimpse of cameras outside a garage, warehouse or office block act as a deterrent, but the presence of cameras will also increase the chances of finding the culprit in the event of a burglary. If you have a small business, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on cameras to secure your premises. Even a single camera could be sufficient to discourage anyone from trying to break in.


When you set up a business, insurance should be one of the first things on your mind. You don’t just need to insure your premises. You’ll also need to take out insurance to cover the contents. If you’re not insured, and you have equipment, cash, or technical gadgets stolen, there’s every chance that you’ll have to pay to replace them. If you have insurance, once the case has been reported to the police, you’ll be able to claim money back, which can be put towards the acquisition of new equipment or stock. Taking out insurance won’t prevent a burglary, but it will make all the difference if your barriers are breached.

If you own a business, ask yourself if your premises are burglar-proof? If you’re not confident that your defences would stand tall against an opportunist on a mission to bag some cash, now is the time to act.