Is Your Car Costing You More Than It Should?

Running a car is never going to be cheap, but the reality for many households across the country is that most of them are paying way too much when it comes to auto maintenance.

It all depends on the size of your vehicle, of course, but the average cost of running a car is up to $332.82 per week for an SUV. Microcars have it a little more comfortable at $116.11 per week, but the simple truth is this – over a year, with a bit more care and attention, we could all save vast sums of money.

Your Car Costing

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the biggest expenses when it comes to running your vehicle. Read on to find out more!


By far and away the biggest cost of driving is fuel, of course. Now, all vehicles have different consumption rates, which can vary dramatically from car to car. And while if you buy a gas guzzler, you will be paying through the nose for your driving, there are ways to reduce those costs. Ultimately, everything you do that is suggested on this page will help you save money on fuel, as well as maintenance, as the better shape your vehicle is in, the more efficient it will be.


The next most significant cost is servicing your vehicle – so it’s no surprise that many people skip this part of their maintenance schedule! Unfortunately, if you don’t maintain your car regularly, the chances are it will cost you a great deal more when it comes to getting repairs. Despite the cost, regular servicing can save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the car, both in fuel savings as well as avoiding repairs.


One of the most significant impactors on your fuel is your tyres. You need to keep a close eye on them, or you will be literally burning money every time you drive. According to, underinflated tyres can cost you in fuel, make it more likely you will be involved in an accident, and also extend the life of your tyres. It’s such a simple task, too, so make sure you are checking your pressure at least once a week and before and after long journeys.


Congestion is a significant cost for many people all over the country, especially those in busy, big cities. Why? Well, if you are stuck in traffic with the engine running for hours at a time, you are still burning fuel. And if you are in a diesel car, the costs increase even more. According to car experts, turning off your engine whenever you are stuck in traffic can help cut back on the fuel burn – and it’s much better for the planet, too.

Mess and clutter

As point out, weight costs money. So, finally, if you are using your car as a spare room and fill it with junk on a regular basis, it’s costing you money. A clean, tidy, empty vehicle will always be more efficient than a cluttered mess.