Old Is Gold: Here’s How You Can Get More Buck For Your Banger

People often upgrade their car at the first opportunity they get. Whether it’s by coming into some money, getting a pay rise or just through saving up- let’s be honest we’re all attracted to the swish interior and on board technology that newer cars can offer. However, that doesn’t mean to say there is anything with wrong with older cars, in fact, if you look after them well they can keep going pretty much forever. Providing you can get the parts, you can simply upgrade as things break down, just as you would with newer vehicles allowing your banger to stay on the roads and continue getting you from A to B! But what can you do to look after your old car? Here are some ideas.

Old Is Gold

Don’t Neglect The Oil

One of the best things you can do to maintain your car is to make sure the oil and filter are both topped up and replaced. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, any car garage can do it in a matter of minutes.  Oil is important since car engines have many moving parts, which move and rub against each other. This friction creates heat, whereas oil lubricates the engine and absorbs heat. This allows the internal parts to work together effectively without overheating. Engine oil will break down over time and wear out, making it less effective at lubricating the engine and absorbing heat. So regularly replacing the oil will maintain your car’s engine.

Topup The Other Fluids

As well as oil, there are other fluids (usually found under the bonnet) which you need to keep an eye on. Coolant for example will need replacing every so often, your car’s manual will tell you when. Do not use ‘oat’ (organic acid technology) coolant in your 20th-century car since it can cause leak problems in these kinds of engines. If you have an older car model, speak to your local car garage or mechanic for advice. Maintaining these kinds of things and using the right formula will ensure that your old car stays running for as long as possible. As with any car, old or new you need to ensure that the washer fluid and brake fluid levels are topped up. If your older car still has power steering, there will be a separate reservoir for this too.

Go For Regular Services

Taking your car for regular servicings means any problems are spotted early on, before they’re able to develop on to larger ones. This is something any car owner can benefit from, but especially those with older models which are more likely to get down. Your best bet would be to go to your specific dealer rather than a generic garage, so if you have a Ford car for example, you’d go to a Ford servicing dealer. They will still have all of the codes and parts needed which other garages could struggle to get for older models. It might be a bit more expensive, but the whole experience will me much smoother, and you will know you’re getting genuine parts rather than cheaper generic versions that can wear out faster.

Take Car of the Exterior

Just because your car is older doesn’t mean you want it to look like a rust bucket. Washing and waxing your car four times a year will help to keep the paintwork nice and shiny and free of rust and debris. Be sure to clean underneath and in the wheel wells since this is where mud can accumulate and begin to cause rust. And always use special car shampoo rather than dishwashing liquid or other detergent which can damage the paintwork. Your old car can (and should!) look shiny and beautiful.

See a Specialist

For some, cars are like hobbies. Maybe you enjoy tinkering with your vehicle at the weekends and finding new parts, making upgrades and everything else. If you really know what you’re doing then great, but otherwise it could be worth leaving things to the professionals. If you hear a strange noise or something doesn’t feel right then it’s a reason to get it checked out as soon as possible. Again with older cars tending to be less reliable, you don’t want to put yourself at risk of breaking down. Breakdowns in awkward places such as on roundabouts, freeways and other busy areas could end up with someone going into the back of you and seriously injuring you and writing off your car. Seeing a specialist and knowing that all parts and working and genuine can give you added peace of mind.

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