Retain Your Employees For Business Success

Your business will never be successful if you are continually recruiting workers to replace employees that have left. High staff turnover is bad news for any business but when you are starting out you need a steady team of loyal employees who are committed to helping your enterprise grow.

In the same way as you need to retain your customers, you also need to retain your staff! Recruiting staff is costly and this is money that could better be spent elsewhere. It is also time-consuming and training up staff only to see them leave is a bad business investment.However, you cannot force your employees to stay. You can only persuade them.

Retain Your Employees For Business Success

Here are some ways in which you can do just that.

Make sure that you have the right employees to begin with

Employees who fit naturally with the culture and ethos of your brand are more likely to want to stay. They are also more likely to feel as passionately as you about the success of your business. This is something that you need to get right at the selection and recruitment stage. Use the interview process to make sure that the candidates fully appreciate what your business is all about. Satisfy yourself that they truly want to be a part of it moving forward.

Make the work environment as comfortable as you can

Start off with the basics. Make sure that the work environment is at a comfortable temperature and is well lit. Then install some water coolers in several locations around the workplace so that employees can stay hydrated. This will increase productivity and send the message that you care about their welfare.

If your employees are sat at desks for long periods you need to ensure that the office furniture is ergonomically designed to protect their postural health. Chairs need to have height adjustments and preferably moveable lumbar supports. Employees should also be encouraged to take regular breaks when they can stretch and move around.

Offer career progression and training

Employees do not like to be stuck in the same job for several years. Offer a clear career progression within your organization be allocating management responsibilities. Encourage continuing professional development by offering time off for accredited courses. Run some courses yourself. The options for employee training is endless these days and includes computerized training, web-based training, audiotapes mentoring programs and outside seminars and classes.

Listen to what they have to say

The best way in which to make employees feel valued, and to make them want to remain working for you, is to show them that you value what they have to say. Your employees are a valuable resource who know what goes on at the frontline of your business. Ignore their opinions at your peril!

You could organize a series of one to one meetings with all of your employees or arrange an employee feedback questionnaire. You could even organize an away day when groups of employees leave the workplace and spend the day discussing future strategies.