Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Weighing Up The Cost Of Moving

You might love the home you live in but the house feels like it is bulging at the seams. That quirky layout is no longer practical for family life and you find that you desperately need more storage for the mountains of personal belongings you have accumulated over the years. The house just feels a little bit too small now and as a result you have already visited the mortgage broker.

However, you are not sure if you can face the hassle of moving home. Should you stay or should you go? Would a better option be to take out some personal loans and look to extend the home you are already in? What are the costs of moving?

Cost Of Moving


They don’t grow on trees and that means we are going to have to pay for them. Boxes are also something that people underestimate the cost of. You will need a fair few boxes. You could either hire them from the removal firm. This can cost $5 per box but you do get a refund if you return the boxes in good condition. Another option is to buy your packing boxes online where you can buy boxes individually or as part of a package. The cheapest package is $25 and includes 15 boxes of different sizes.


Paying someone to move you is expensive but then it does make the whole process less stressful. You will want to get three companies round to your house and ask them to quote for the job. You shouldn’t just be tempted to go for the cheapest.You will also need to check reviews for them too. The average cost of moving from Sydney to Melbourne for a 3-bed house is between $1320 and $2145.


You may want to hire someone to come and clean your house. You should do this after you have moved everything out of the house. Again you should get at least three companies to come round and quote for the job. Make sure to explain to them that the house will be empty when they clean it. You might also want to pay someone to clean your oven. However, this is a job that you could do yourself for a fraction of the price.

Buying Furniture For The New House

You may find that your old furniture doesn’t fit into your new house or that you don’t have enough furniture for the new house.


This might seem silly but you will need to budget for food. With everything packed away in those boxes you will be eating out or ordering takeaway for at least one night, possibly two.

Emergency Fixes

You will also want to set some money aside for any emergencies that arise. You might find that the oven isn’t working in the new house or that you have a leaky roof. You never really know what surprises you will find in a new house and that’s why you always need to have some money set aside.

Properly researching before you move should mean that you have a good idea of how much the process will cost you. We also have to remember that there are the additional fees of solicitors and mortgages. Moving home can be expensive and we need to make sure that we are aware of all of the costs.