You Should Never Do These Things When Hiring

Hiring new employees is tricky. You need to make sure you’re hiring people who aren’t just doing it for the money or a job – you want people who are truly passionate about the role, will stay with you for a while, and will bring something unique to your business. You also want trustworthy people who don’t pose a threat to your business.

Never Do These Things When Hiring

Here are a few things you should never do when hiring:

Hire Someone Just Like You

Hiring someone just like you might mean you have someone you get on with in the workplace, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll gain a new, useful perspective or anything unique. You want somebody different, who can bring a new set of skills.

Fail To Look Into Their Background

Taking somebody at face value isn’t always wise when you’re hiring for your business. They might not be who they say they are, or they may be withholding vital information that makes them unsuitable for the job. Always check a person’s background and do the appropriate checks. It not only keeps your business safe, but your current employees too.

Go On Personality/Qualifications Alone

Going on personality alone could mean somebody who has no idea what they are doing. Going on qualifications alone could mean somebody who has no personality, and doesn’t fit in as a part of the workforce. You need to find the right balance!

Now you know what you shouldn’t do, you should have a good idea of what you should. Take a look at the infographic below to enjoy successful employee recruitment every time!