Bad Marketing Habits Your Business Needs To Stop

Bad habits can often prevent us from achieving our true potential. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to bad marketing habits and your business. Keep up with your bad habits, and you’ll ruin your marketing strategy and see all the negatives that come with this. You won’t get as many customers as possible, your sales won’t reach their true potential, and your business will grow at a much slower pace.

Bad Marketing Habits Your Business Needs To Stop

Thankfully, you can stop bad habits if you’re aware that they exist. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the worst marketing habits you need to stop right now:

Being Inactive On Social Media

A lot of companies make the mistake of assuming that social media marketing means you just need to be on social media. So, they create accounts for their company on different platforms but are rarely active. This is still better than not being on social media as you give consumers another way of finding your business. However, if you want to reach your true marketing potential, then you need to be active. You should post daily content on social media and actively talk to consumers. With a good social media marketing strategy, you can really establish a positive brand image and grow your company. It’s the best way to gain a social following, which will always link to more website traffic, more customers, and more money for your business.

Only Focusing On General SEO

In the SEO world you have two main pathways; general SEO and local SEO. Most businesses make the mistake of only concerning themselves with the first option. This is where you focus on improving your search engine ranking for the general, organic, search results. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just that you can’t neglect the second option! Local SEO focuses on this idea of local search results. These are results you see when you search for things within a specific location. If I were to search for ‘painters near me’ I’d see local results of nearby painting companies. Anyone that offers a local SEO service will tell you that a combined approach will help your business grow. You can tap into a local market, while still growing your business online too. Use general SEO to help increase web traffic and get more from your website, while local SEO is great for generating customers and boosting sales.

Poor Product/Service Promotion

Naturally, a big way to increase customers and sales if to promote your product/service. However, most businesses slip into the bad habit of focusing too hard on the actual product/service, rather than the consumers themselves. People want to know how your product can help them, or why they need your service, they don’t want to hear you talk about how great it is blah blah blah. Make sure your marketing campaign is focused on solutions and answers above anything else – this is how you boost sales. If someone sees an advert for your product/service, it should make them think ‘wow, I could really use that, it will make a difference to my life!’.

Snap out of these three bad habits, and you can unlock the true potential of your business.