Candidate Experience Should Be Your Priority

If you’re hiring again, you’re either doing something right in your business or something wrong. Maybe your staff keep leaving you and you need to keep on replacing them. Maybe your business is simply growing. Whatever the reason you’re hiring again, making sure your process is as high quality as possible for your candidates is a must.

Think about; people who have applied to work at your company get an inside look into it during interview. If they leave feeling dissatisfied with the way they were handled or treated, whether that’s by you or other employees, they are going to talk about it. What on earth do you think that will do to your reputation?

how to hire best candidates

You may be thinking, ‘but when a candidate is turned down for a job, don’t they do the same?’. No, not if you handle them well. If you treat them well during the interview process, and then keep them informed when you’ve made the hire and send them a nice message or phone call telling them so, they will feel better. They will be sad they didn’t get it, but they are much less likely to tell everybody what a shoddy business you have.

People who apply for jobs may also be avid customers and fans of your products/services. They could very well change their minds about that if they are not treated right during the interview stages. You need to make sure you put yourself in their shoes and give them a great experience. You also should know what hiring an employee costs – this should be enough to ensure you work on retaining the ones you have.